Frequently Asked Questions

Do i have to mention Muslim Salat on my site / application?

Yes you must show "prayer times provided by" or "powered by" which is easily visible to an eye.

You should also put "powered by" directly below or above the prayer times.


How do i start using the Muslim Salat API on my site?

See the Muslim Salat API documentation for examples and details.


What usage limits apply to the Muslim Salat API?

There are no usage limits when using the Muslim Salat API request, as long as the service is not being abused.


My site gets lot of traffic. Can i use the Muslim Salat API?



Can i use the Muslim Salat API on a commercial website?

As long as your site is generally accessible to consumers without charge, you may use the Muslim Salat API. For example, if your website is supported by advertising, it likely falls within the Muslim Salat API Terms of Service.

However, not all commercial uses are allowed. For example, if your site meets any of the following criteria you must purchase the Muslim Salat API for a Business license:

  • Your site is only available to paying customers.
  • Your Application is only available to paying customers.

Remember, Muslim Salat reserves the right to suspend or terminate your use of the Muslim Salat API at any time.


Can i use the Muslim Salat API in my non-Web application?

Yes, the Muslim Salat API can now be used in Desktop applications, provided that they adhere to the other restrictions of the Terms of Service. Note that in order for a desktop application to be deemed "publicly accessible", there must be a publicly accessible webpage from which it can be downloaded.


I have a different question/problem. Who should i contact?

Please port your question in the contact us page and we will get back to you as soon as we can.