Prayer times made available through api, so everyone can benefit the easy access for prayer times with less effort to develop custom applications for verity of software's / application's.


JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) is a lightweight data-interchange format. It is easy for humans to read and write. It is easy for machines to parse and generate.

All API data is served in json format.


JSONP is a communication technique used in Javascript. It provides a method to request data from a server in a different domain, something prohibited by typical web browsers because of the same origin policy.

To use jsonp technique, just use callback or jsoncallback parameter on the url and it will call the javascript callback function for execution.


jQuery(function($) {
	 $.getJSON('', function (times)
		 .append('Today in '+times.title)
		 .append(' Fajr: '+times.items[0].fajr)
		 .append(' Dhuhr: '+times.items[0].dhuhr)
		 .append(' Asr: '+times.items[0].asr)
		 .append(' Maghrib: '+times.items[0].maghrib)
		 .append(' Isha: '+times.items[0].isha)
		 .append(' by');


Get My API Key

To get started with api request, you will need api key. Get your API KEY now.

Auto Location

This will fetch user prayer times with automatically selecting the location for user.

You can get time in the following timeline.

  • daily
  • weekly
  • monthly
  • yearly

Location Based

This will fetch the prayer time based on the location you request for with the given parameters.

Prayer Times

Today prayer times for london:

Weekly prayer times for london starting from today:

Next date weekly prayer times for london.

with daylight saying

and with Muslim World League calculation method.

URL Parameters

All following parameters are optional, you can set as you wish. If you wish to set two or more parameters, then you have to set url in the order the parameter is given below.

if you want to set location and date. You should do following


Parameters Properties and starting with the order for url

Name Values Default value Description
Location City, country, state... Auto select for the user Name of the location where user is at or his state name or his country name or with his latitude and longitude .
Times Daily, weekly, monthly or yearly Monthly Limit the prayer times by the value.
Date 12-02-2012 Today Date Get the prayer times for the given date, please make sure the date is further head or current date. Heads up! Previous dates will be deprecated from the api.
Daylight saving True or false Auto select Daylight saving for the user, if true then hours are incremented by 1+
Method 1 = Egyptian General Authority of Survey
2 = University Of Islamic Sciences, Karachi (Shafi)
3 = University Of Islamic Sciences, Karachi (Hanafi)
4 = Islamic Circle of North America
5 = Muslim World League
6 = Umm Al-Qura
7 = Fixed Isha
Auto select based on the country where user is from. Method to use for calculation of the timing. If method is provided invalid based on the country, it will give incorrect timing.


Qibla Compass Image

Qibla compass images are based on given direction from the api response.

URL Parameters

Parameters Properties and starting with the order for url

Name Values Default value Description
Size 50 to 600 (optional) 300 Size of the image you want to show
Direction 0 to 360 degree   Direction degree from json response

Qibla Direction


Lab Experimental Area

You can do experiment now with our lab area, to check all the prayer times and the calculation values for each location and to test your own values for prayer times.